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iPad – Reach for It Every Day of the Month

This week, the big tech news story was Apple’s launch of its long-awaited tablet, the iPad.  The announcement was instantly followed by 150,000 people joking along the lines of “there must not have been any women in the room when they thought of that one – hahaha!”

Well, I would like to offer a different theory – that there were women involved at every stage of the brand selection, evaluation and clearance of iPad as the brand name for the tablet, and none of them felt comfortable raising their hand, sending an email or speaking up on a conference call to say “Hey, did anyone consider…”

In the book Hardball for Women, subtitled Winning at the Game of Business, author Pat Heim states a very clear rule for women’s behavior in the workplace: “Never allude to, mention, or bring up menstruation in the company of male colleagues.”   She discusses how men find the process deeply mysterious, and draw all kinds of incorrect assumptions about women’s emotion, conduct etc. from hearing about it.   Now I’m not assuming that every woman at Apple and its branding companies has read Hardball for Women, but come on, I think this is common sense to most women.  Even in an era where people share all kinds of personal information, it’s still unusual to bring this up among any but one’s closest female friends and family members – after all, it’s not like I log onto my Facebook account and see my friends’ statuses saying “Oy, that time of the month again!”. 

So as “iPad” was being bandied about by Apple, and the men were slapping each other on the backs thinking , “Yeah!  We came up with something that will go so nicely with iPod!  And iPhone!”, none of the women wanted to be the one to bring up what was to the women the red elephant in the room.   At least that’s my theory.  If you can disprove it, please comment – I’d love to know the real story.

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