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The Pepsi Firm

Years before I became a trademark attorney, I was in a restaurant in Washington D.C. where the menu stated in no uncertain terms, “We do not serve Coca-Cola products.”  I asked the waiter why not, and why publicize this.  He told me about the Coke police – investigators who visit restaurants, bars etc. and order Coke to see whether the establishments are actually serving Coke and not Pepsi. 

This early introduction to brand protection and enforcement has stayed with me.  So I was interested to hear, in a somewhat related story, that the law firm Day Pitney decided to show brand loyalty along with client loyalty and issued an email to the employees of the firm letting them know that because the firm represents Pepsico, Pepsi would now be offered at meetings at which beverages and snacks are provided.   This breaking news was reported on the blog Above the Law, which went on to note that Day Pitney will still be featuring Coke products in its vending machines.  Time for the Pepsi police to visit their attorneys?

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  1. Great thoughts. I read throught all the articles and I learned a lot. Please post more if you have time and people will appreciate your effort.

    Comment by Donald | April 4, 2010 | Reply

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